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  • Why It's Important to Wear Your Seat Belt

    According to Virginia law, everyone in the front seat of vehicles is required to wear seatbelts. Furthermore, drivers and passengers under 18 years of age need to be properly secured in a safety belt no matter where they are sitting in the vehicle. Unfortunately, many people still continue to not wear their seatbelts. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that seat belts ...
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  • Reasons to Get Uninsured Motorist Coverage

    In Virginia and in most states throughout the country, licensed drivers are required to possess car insurance. Unfortunately, there is a startling number of motorists who continue to drive without having any insurance coverage, or not enough coverage. When you are involved in a car accident caused by an uninsured driver, you may have to pay for your damages and injuries out of your own wallet. ...
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  • The Importance of Taking Photos After a Car Accident

    When a car accident occurs, you may feel overwhelmed with thoughts and utterly frustrated instead of being focused and thinking rationally. At Randall J. Trost, P.C. , our Lynchburg personal injury attorney understands how important it is to take prompt, precise action after a collision. Gathering as much evidence as you can only benefit your claim, especially if it’s taken to court. Photos offer ...
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  • Tips for a Safer Road Trip

    Whether the destination is the next state over or across the country, road trips are an American staple. The most important thing to do is to ensure you are well prepared enough to make the trip as safely as possible. So before you embark on your journey, consider the following tips to better enjoy your time on the road: Fully inspect your motor vehicle . You what could ruin your trip? Getting ...
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  • Why You Need to See a Doctor After a Car Accident

    Whether you suffered a minor injury or a serious one, it is imperative to see a doctor after a car accident . Not only must you visit a physician to determine the full extent of your injuries, but to also help build your car accident insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. The following are a few reasons why it is critical to see a doctor immediately after a collision: A delayed reactions to ...
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  • Avoid an Auto Accident This Holiday Season

    The holidays are supposed to be enjoyable and relaxing, but auto accidents are an unfortunate problem that emerges every year. Winter weather, increased traffic, and general distraction all play a role in increasing the number of collisions between drivers. Unfortunately, many of these accidents also could have been prevented due to a number of simple driving mistakes. Sobering Statistics More ...
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  • Tennessee School Bus Crash Could Make Operator Liable

    A recent school bus crash in the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee that resulted in the deaths of at least six children and injuries to nearly two dozen more has led to a number of embarrassing headaches for the bus’s operating company. Durham School Services is one of the nation’s biggest school bus operators, with a fleet of more than 13,000 vehicles and over 13,000 drivers operating in nearly ...
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