Tips to Help Maximize Your Personal Injury Claim

Were you injured in an accident? Are the costs of your medical bills and / or property damages more than you can afford? If so, consider filing a personal injury claim for compensation. The money you receive from damages can help you cover any and all costs related to your accident and injury.

To maximize the compensation awarded to you after an accident, make sure you follow the important tips listed below. Doing so could better your chances of receiving the full and fair compensation you need at this time.

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Your Personal Injury Claim

  1. File a police report. Filing a police report ensures that key aspects of the accident are documented and accounted for. The names and contact information of all parties will be cited on an official report that can later be referenced to support the personal injury claim you file.
  2. Make sure you fully understand any document you’re asked to sign. After an accident, it’s not uncommon to receive forms asking you to waive certain rights. You may even be presented with documents asking you to release the other party from liability. Any questionable language on these forms and documents should be reviewed by an attorney before you agree to sign them.
  3. Keep detailed records of all costs related to your accident. These can include medical bills, property damage expenses, lost wages from time off work, professional assessment fees, etc. Any out-of-pocket expense that is even remotely related to your accident and injury should be carefully documented, as the amount of compensation you ultimately obtain will need to cover the full cost of these expenses.
  4. Do not communicate with the insurance companies until you’ve consulted with an attorney. When talking to the insurance company – yours OR the other party’s – be cautious. Insurance adjustors have been known to manipulate a claimant’s statements in order to deny them the full coverage they deserve. To protect your best interests when dealing with an insurance company, align yourself with an injury lawyer who knows what to look for when interacting with adjustors.
  5. Do not miss a filing deadline. Failure to comply with the filing deadline on a personal injury claim could ruin your chances of securing compensation. The statute of limitations dictates how long a victim has to file, and if this deadline is missed, the claim could be thrown out without further consideration.

Perhaps the best way to maximize your personal injury claim is by hiring an attorney to advocate on your behalf. With an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side, you can confidently move through the claims-filing process knowing you are filing within deadline sand taking all necessary steps to secure the full compensation you are due.

For more information about filing a personal injury claim, or to get started today, contact a Lynchburg personal injury attorney at Randall J. Trost, P.C. Consultations are free until we win your case!