Blog Posts in August, 2017

  • Why It's Important to Wear Your Seat Belt

    According to Virginia law, everyone in the front seat of vehicles is required to wear seatbelts. Furthermore, drivers and passengers under 18 years of age need to be properly secured in a safety belt no matter where they are sitting in the vehicle. Unfortunately, many people still continue to not wear their seatbelts. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that seat belts ...
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  • Reasons to Get Uninsured Motorist Coverage

    In Virginia and in most states throughout the country, licensed drivers are required to possess car insurance. Unfortunately, there is a startling number of motorists who continue to drive without having any insurance coverage, or not enough coverage. When you are involved in a car accident caused by an uninsured driver, you may have to pay for your damages and injuries out of your own wallet. ...
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