Motorcycle Safety Tips for the Summer

With summer in full swing, many motorcyclists hit the road to enjoy riding in the warm weather. However, since millions of Americans embark on road trips, the combination of the heat and traffic makes the roadways more dangerous than usual.

The following are common safety tips to help you stay out of trouble while on your motorcycle this summer:

  1. Inspect your motorcycle regularly. Before you hit the road, always look over your bike to see if there are any potential issues to avoid experiencing a malfunction while riding. Always check the headlights, brake lights, signals, tire tread, and air pressure. A few times a year, take your motorcycle to the shop for a professional tune-up.
  2. Invest in proper safety gear. The gear you wear in the summer months may be different than the gear you wear during the winter. After all, you want to be as cool, comfortable, and safe as possible while riding. However, it is best to wear a helmet, protective eye gear, gloves, and proper footwear. There are lighter weight options for motorcycle gear available.
  3. Maintain motorcycle insurance. If your current motorcycle insurance policy lapses, secure a new one before you ride your motorcycle again. Having quality insurance will help protect you if you are in a motorcycle accident.
  4. Stay visible to others on the road. Whether it is wearing reflective apparel or staying away from driver’s blind spots, make sure you are always seen.
  5. Ride respectfully. Avoid speeding and riding recklessly in order to reduce your chances of being involved in an accident. Most drivers are not aware of motorcyclists around them, so do not expect them to adhere to your specific needs.

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