Blog Posts in November, 2017

  • What to Do After a Work Injury

    When we are in our work environment, we usually do not expect to be injured and hope that our employers have taken extra care to make sure conditions are safe. Unfortunately, accidents happen and workers often sustain injuries while on the job. After you have been injured, there are steps you can take to ensure you receive the workers compensation you are entitled to. State law requires nearly ...
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  • Wintertime Safety Tips to Avoid a Slip & Fall

    With the arrival of winter weather, the likelihood of encountering slippery surfaces increases. Slips and falls might be fodder for comedy in television and on film, but in real life, taking a nasty spill on icy porch steps can lead to some serious injuries. To lessen the possibility of having to go to the hospital during this joyous time of year, consider some of the following tips, which can ...
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