What to Do After a Work Injury

When we are in our work environment, we usually do not expect to be injured and hope that our employers have taken extra care to make sure conditions are safe. Unfortunately, accidents happen and workers often sustain injuries while on the job. After you have been injured, there are steps you can take to ensure you receive the workers compensation you are entitled to. State law requires nearly every employer to provide workers compensation insurance coverage for employees, so make sure you do what is necessary to obtain what you deserve.

Here are the steps you should take after sustaining a work injury:

  • File an accident report: Even if you do not believe you are injured or are not experiencing any pain or ill effects from your accident, it is imperative that you file an accident report. Accidents do not always produce immediate symptoms or pain, so you could end up harming your case if you choose to put off reporting the incident. Cover all of your legal basis and report an accident as soon as it happens.
  • See a doctor: This should be one of your highest priorities in the aftermath of a work accident. In some cases, your accident might even warrant a trip to the emergency room. Whatever the circumstances are, and no matter how mild or serious your injuries might seem, you need to be examined by a medical professional. If your employer chooses your doctor and you are not pleased with the results, it would be worth it to get a second opinion from a doctor of your choice.
  • Report your injury as soon as you discover it: You might not know if you are injured or what your injuries are when you file an accident report. However, as soon as you visit a doctor and discover what your injuries are, you need to report it to your employer. It is up to them to file a workers compensation claim with their insurance company, but they will not do this until you inform them of your injuries. Be sure that you follow up with them to make sure the claim was filed and request a copy of it.
  • Hire a workers compensation attorney: The last thing you want is to have your rights trampled upon during this difficult time, so you should consult with an attorney experienced in handling such cases to ensure you are fully informed on what benefits you might be entitled to.

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