Wintertime Safety Tips to Avoid a Slip & Fall

With the arrival of winter weather, the likelihood of encountering slippery surfaces increases. Slips and falls might be fodder for comedy in television and on film, but in real life, taking a nasty spill on icy porch steps can lead to some serious injuries. To lessen the possibility of having to go to the hospital during this joyous time of year, consider some of the following tips, which can keep you safe when walking in snowy or icy weather conditions:

  • Lots of people are in a rush during the holidays, but this is the worst time to walk recklessly or without caution. Make sure you walk slowly, carefully, and with proper slip-resistant footwear. You can always slip into something fancier when you reach your destination.
  • When stepping into our out of vehicles, use extra care. If necessary, use the vehicle for support to avoid falling.
  • Always watch for slippery floors when you are about to enter a building or home.
  • Avoid carrying items in your hands, or walking around with your hands inside of your pockets. If you lose your balance, you will need to have your hands free to catch yourself and reduce the possibility of a fall. Having your hands free means you might even be able to brace yourself to minimize the impact of a fall.
  • Be aware of and look out for black ice.
  • Wherever handrails are available, make use of them from start to finish.
  • Icy floors are not always noticeable, so tap your foot on potentially slippery areas to test it out and see if it is slippery.
  • When walking around particularly icy areas that you cannot avoid, walk as flat-footed as possible.
  • Try to avoid uneven surfaces as much as possible, especially steps or curbs with ice on them.
  • If you notice an untreated public area, report it.
  • If you have no choice but to walk on ice, take short steps or shuffle to maintain stability. If you fall, try to fall with sequential contracts at your thigh, hip, and shoulder to avoid using your arms to protect against breakage. Roll with the fall and try to relax as much as possible since tensing up your body can result in worse injuries.
  • When entering a building, remove snow and water from your footwear to prevent dangerous and slippery conditions indoors.

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