Creating the Perfect Car Safety Kit

We all do what we can to avoid car accidents and other emergencies on the road, but the fact is that accidents happen. In fact, millions of them occur every year, so the chances of you being involved in one at some point are quite high. That does not mean there is nothing you can do when an emergency strikes. As long as you are prepared, you will be able to handle just about any obstacle you encounter on the road.

Everyone should have a car safety kit to handle a variety of situations. Below is a list of some items you should include in your own car safety kit:

  1. A pen and paper
  2. Car escape tools, such as a seatbelt cutter or window breaker
  3. First aid supplies kit
  4. Roadside flares or glow sticks
  5. A small fire extinguisher
  6. A small flashlight and extra batteries or a flashlight that does not require batteries
  7. Bottled water
  8. Paper towels or rags
  9. Blankets
  10. Jumper cables
  11. Spare car fuses
  12. Spare tire and jack
  13. A small tool kit
  14. A cell phone charger
  15. Seasonal supplies
  16. Two quarts of oil
  17. Antifreeze
  18. Roadmaps
  19. Toiletries
  20. Scissors
  21. Emergency phone numbers on a laminated card
  22. A whistle
  23. A disposable camera if you do not own a phone with the ability to take photographs

There are some pre-made car kits that are available for purchase as well, though many of these only contain basic necessities. The most effective way to ensure your car safety kit will be able to help you out of any sticky situation is to build it yourself.

Keep all the items in your kit stored neatly in a bin that can easily fit in your vehicle, along with a checklist of all the items it contains. Your safety kit will do you little good if it is not organized, you cannot remember what was stored in it, or if its items are scattered all over the place.

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