Blog Posts in June, 2018

  • What Truck Drivers Cannot Do on the Road

    While any accident on the road can be potentially catastrophic, those involving commercial trucks tend to be some of the most devastating due to their size, weight, and the force with which they can strike a vehicle. As such, the trucking industry is highly regulated in an attempt to keep other drivers on the road safe. Unfortunately, these rules are frequently broken, resulting in terrible, ...
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  • What Can I Do If My Child Was Bitten by a Dog?

    Dog bite injuries can happen to anyone when an owner behaves negligently, but oftentimes, the victims are children under the age of 12. In fact, dog bite injuries account for more child emergency room visits than bone fractures, burns, or any youth activity. Dog bite injuries tend to require stitches, rabies shots, and even plastic surgery. However, while the wound will heal, children can end up ...
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