Why Do I Need a Truck Accident Attorney?

Truck accidents are among the most dangerous and deadly, particularly due their sheer size and weight. Oftentimes, survivors are left with catastrophic injuries and little hope of ever achieving a full recovery. With medical bills, lost wages, and possibly the inability to return to work looming over a survivor and dependent family members, life after a truck accident can be difficult. This is why it is so critical to pursue a personal injury claim. However, to truly stand a chance at obtaining the compensation you need and deserve during this difficult time, having a truck accident attorney on your side is vital.

We have compiled a list of reasons why you should consider hiring a truck accident attorney in the aftermath of a truck accident:

  • It is possible for multiple parties to be held liable: Unlike most other accidents, truck accidents often involve multiple at-fault parties who could be held liable for your injuries. Generally, in a car accident, the other driver is the only liable party. In a truck accident, the driver, trucking company, truck manufacturer, contractor, or government entities could all potentially be held liable, depending on the circumstances. If you have a skilled personal injury attorney on your side who has experience in handling truck accident cases, he or she will know how to determine all liable parties after the accident, which will help ensure you are able to pursue compensation before the statute of limitations runs out on your case.
  • Negotiations can also involve more than one party: Having more than one at-fault party also means having to negotiate with more than one party at the same time to recover all of the compensation to which you are entitled. If you have ever been in a car accident and had to negotiate a settlement, you know how difficult it can be. Even negotiating with one party warrants an attorney, so you will certainly need one for a truck accident case as well. Remember, insurance companies will do whatever it takes to deny or reduce a claim. No one should have to field these negotiations on their own.
  • Understanding truck industry laws and regulations: A reputable truck accident attorney will have extensive knowledge of truck industry laws and other regulations. Attorneys spend their entire careers honing their skills and specializing in specific areas of law, so why would you attempt to go through this without one? Your attorney will be able to identify any violations that contributed to the accident and be able to interpret the law correctly to effectively build a strong case on your behalf.
  • A guide through the legal process: Most of us do not deal with the law on a regular basis and, as such, legal processes are difficult and often overwhelming. This applies to truck accident cases as well, which can become complicated, given how many parties could potentially be involved. Your attorney will give you the legal guidance you need throughout the process, deal with trucking company representatives on your behalf, and advise you on what evidence you should try to collect to strengthen your claim.

Truck Accident Attorneys in Lynchburg & Danville

If you were injured in a trucking accident due to neglect or a failure to heed safety regulations, you could be entitled to fair and just compensation. At Randall J. Trost, P.C., our Lynchburg and Danville team of personal injury attorneys believe that all at-fault parties should be held fully accountable for their carelessness or recklessness and are prepared to vigilantly fight for you.

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