Why You Should Never Apologize After an Accident

It seems like a natural and kind gesture to apologize after an accident even if you were not at fault for it. After all, everyone is feeling frustrated and stressed out by the situation and an apology seems like the right thing to soothe everyone’s nerves. However, this simple gesture can actually be detrimental to your chances of obtaining the compensation you deserve, especially if you say it to an insurance adjuster or the officer who writes up the accident report.

Below are some reasons why you should never apologize after a motor vehicle accident:

An admission of fault: When someone apologizes, it seems like he or she is admitting fault. If your apology is documented by the officer who is writing up the accident report, the at-fault party’s insurance company will make the most of it to reduce the value of your claim. Remember, the last thing they want to do is to adequately compensate you for your injuries or the damages you suffered. An apology from you will give them just the edge they need to argue that you were at least partially at fault for the accident.

You do not know all the facts yet: Even if you feel that you might be to blame for the accident, or should share some of the responsibility for it, you should not jump to conclusions so early on. Rest assured, law enforcement, your personal injury attorney, and the insurance company are all going to dissect and investigate the accident, so let everyone do their jobs before you start apologizing for anything.

Focus on what matters: At the scene of an accident, an apology will not help anyone. Instead, make sure that everyone is okay and call for emergency medical assistance if necessary. You should also exchange information with everyone involved and take pictures of the scene. With so much to do, there is no reason to waste time apologizing, especially when it will only do you harm.

Speaking to the insurance adjuster: Remember that everything you say to the insurance adjuster you speak to could potentially be used to hurt your claim, so you should also refrain from apologizing when speaking to the insurance adjuster. They might even try to coax one out of you, so be cautious during these discussions and only provide basic information, such as your name, address, and when and where the accident occurred.

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