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Commercial Trucking Accident Injuries in Danville

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Commercial trucks allow companies to move large amounts of cargo in an efficient and cost-effective manner, but bring an increased risk of injury to other drivers due to their large size and weight. While these vehicles have their operating procedures significantly regulated to reduce the risk as much as possible, accidents involving these vehicles do happen, and usually have serious consequences to those involved when they do.

  • Vehicles that are often considered “commercial trucks” can include:
  • Delivery vans
  • Large passenger vans
  • Cargo vans
  • Dump trucks
  • 18-Wheeler trucks
  • Flatbed or stake bed trucks

If you have been injured in a commercial trucking accident, it is very important that you review your legal options with the help of a Danville truck accident attorney. The team at Randall J. Trost, P.C. has assisted numerous clients with their auto accidents, including those with commercial vehicles. Our firm is not afraid to fight for the best interests of our clients both in and out of the courtroom, and our substantial record of success highlights our dedication to providing results for our clients.

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The Difficulties of a Commercial Trucking Accident

Commercial truck accidents are different from a regular auto accident in that not only is your risk of injury increased, but you could also be forced to deal with additional headache from insurance companies. Commercial insurance is notoriously difficult to work with when filing a claim, making the process often overwhelming and frustrating for those who have been injured or are already dealing with the added stress.

At Randall J. Trost, P.C., we are not afraid of holding insurance companies acccountable. We provide our clients with elite representation in front of insurance companies, and stand firm with their best interests in mind to secure the maximum allowable compensation. Don’t let your well-being be brushed over by a company who treats your livelihood as another claim number—secure your representation from our team today.

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