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What Compensation Can I Get After a Car Accident? Lynchburg Injury Attorneys

When a car accident occurs the first and most important thing is your health and well being, the compensation you can get after a car accident is connected to this. After the accident you will have unexpected costs such as medical bills, pain and suffering, property damage and rental car costs. Along with these inconveniences you could be out of work temporarily or permanently and losing wages that would help take care of your mounting costs. All of these things can add up to be financially, physically, and psychologically taxing.

On the bright side, If the other driver is partially or fully at fault you may be entitled to compensation or damages. The damages you could be entitled to as well as the amount you can receive vary depending on numerous factors. With that being said lets take a look at some of the damages you could be entitled too.

Medical Costs

It is possible for you to be compensated for medical bills such as an ambulance if needed, an emergency room or hospital visit, or future medicine you may have to take. You can also be compensated for important follow-up visits with your doctor as well as prescribed physical therapy treatments. The amount of compensation you could be entitled to is depended on the extent of your injuries and the associated costs.         

When an accident occurs, seek medical attention as soon as possible. You may feel like you are fine immediately after an accident due to adrenaline or shock, but some injuries take time to manifest such as whiplash. If you take time to get possible injuries diagnosed you may not be able to include them in your claim. 

The process for getting properly compensated for medical costs can be tedious if you need any number of various types of long-term care. If you have been seriously injured and had an extended hospital stay it may require mountains of paperwork to the faulty drivers insurance company as well as extended waiting time for your reimbursement.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering is a blanket term for physical and mental distress that may have occurred because of the accident. If pain and suffering is included as part of your personal injury claim the insurance company will not only take your physical injury or injuries and diagnosis into account. They will also take the emotional and mental stresses you’ve experienced due to the accident that are just as much apart of your claim. If you have experienced emotional as well as mental issues because of your car accident, you can be entitled to additional compensation for this traumatic experience.

Property Damage

When a car accident occurs the most likely damage that will be suffered is property damage. If your vehicle is damaged in the accident  you could be reimbursed for the cost of your repairs. If your vehicle is damaged to the point that the cost of repairing it exceeds the actual value of the vehicle it is then labeled totaled or a total loss. In a case such as this the insurance company may be required to give you a payment equivalent to the vehicle value prior to the accident.

Rental Car Coverage

Your car may have considerable damage needing repairs, or end up being a total loss, in either event you will need a rental car. When  this happens the at fault drivers insurance company could reimburse you for your rental car costs or pay for it initially. Although if you have rental reimbursement coverage, you may be entitled to compensation from your own insurance company.

Lost Wages

If you are significantly injured in your car accident you may not be able to properly preform your daily job duties, causing you to miss work. You could be entitled to lost wages, In a situation like this the insurance company could compensate you for the wages you would have earned if not for your accident injuries.

Consult with an experienced Lynchburg, VA personal injury attorney

Figuring out how much compensation you deserve for medical care, pain and suffering, property damage, as well as lost wages can be tedious and taxing on you. It can turn out to be extremely stressful for anyone to deal with this as well as deal with taking care of possible injuries. Hiring the right attorney to handle your lynchburg motor vehicle accident claim is one of the most important decisions you can make, and one of the few things you have full control over. Our personal injury lawyers at Randall J. Trost, P.C. have helped injury victims throughout the state since 1982. We are experts in Lynchburg car accident law and personal injury law, and we have the experience, expertise as well as resources to take on any insurance company. Contact Randall J. Trost, P.C. today to schedule a free consultation with a Lynchburg car accident attorney.