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Auto Product Liability

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Auto product defects are the cause of many car accidents in Virginia, some of which result in serious injuries to the parties involved. If you or someone you love was injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by a defective auto part, contact a lawyer about filing a product liability claim for compensation.

At Randall J. Trost, P.C., we represent car accident victims suffering from all types of injuries, including those sustained in auto product liability cases. Whether you were involved in an SUV rollover, a tire blowout, or something else, we are here to help. Our Lynchburg car accident lawyers can review your case to determine if the collision was caused by a defective auto part.

Product Liability Claims for Motor Vehicles

Auto product liability claims typically involve one of the following:

Defectively Manufactured Parts: An error at the facility where your automobile (or a singular vehicle part) was manufactured can later result in vehicle malfunction. The same is true of parts that are made defective at some point during the shipping process, or while at the dealership.

Unreasonably Dangerous Design: Unlike manufacturing defects, dangerous design claims do not involve any sort of product error. The product itself has been manufactured properly; however, the design is dangerous in nature and therefore problematic when utilized by drivers on the road.

Who Should Be Held Liable?

In addition to identifying the type of auto product liability claim you should file, our attorneys will also determine who should be held responsible for the accident / injuries that ultimately resulted from the defective auto part.

  • Potential defendants in auto product liability cases include:
  • Auto Parts Manufacturer
  • Auto Supply Shop
  • Car Dealership
  • Middleman or Shipper
  • Used Car Dealer
  • Vehicle Manufacturer

Our Lynchburg car accident attorneys will conduct a thorough review of your case in order to determine who should be held liable. Once this has been established, we will pursue a claim or lawsuit on your behalf.

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At Randall J. Trost, P.C., we have been representing victims and their families since 1982, and we believe in providing affordable legal representation to those who need it. If you were seriously injured in an accident that resulted from any type of auto product defect, we are here to help you seek compensation.

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