The Vision to See Zero

Losing a loved one is hard enough. Losing 819 people in one year — on Virginia roads — seems unfathomable, especially when driver behavior is often the cause. By definition, there are accidents on our roadways; but by the above statistic, many of these crashes are avoidable. The deadly culprits are: alcohol, speeding, distracted driving, unrestrained drivers or passengers, etc.

These risky behaviors aren’t foreign to us, and many states have passed laws to protect travelers, yet people keep dying. We can all afford to be better. While 819 deaths is a significant figure, there’s reason to be optimistic — it’s a 2.9% decrease from 2017. If we can chip away at that number every year, we can help move Virginia towards zero deaths — the ultimate goal of the traffic safety project, Vision Zero.

The Mission

Arrive Alive Virginia! We hear traffic safety campaigns like this all the time, as a reminder of what should be our mission on the roads: saving lives and reducing traffic injuries. Every four minutes, someone crashes on Virginia roadways, according to the Virginia Highway Safety Office. State leaders are trying to move Virginia towards zero roadway deaths — a vision they don’t deem impossible. The target is to reduce roadway deaths and injuries by half by 2030, and then watch the continual decline thereafter. The state’s action plan focuses on enforcement, education, engineering (roadway design), and emergency response strategies.

Avoid Holiday Mayhem

Memorial Day weekend is one of the top three most dangerous weekends for roadway deaths and injuries in Virginia. Alcohol is typically a factor, which is why law enforcement heavily enforces DUI checkpoints during those times. In 2018, there were a total of 7,181 alcohol-related crashes in the state — a 1.4% decrease from 2017. According to the Virginia Highway Safety Office, alcohol-related crashes account for almost 44% of state traffic fatalities.

2018 Holiday Injuries

  1. Thanksgiving – 838
  2. Labor Day – 727
  3. Memorial Day – 708 


2018 Holiday Fatalities

  1. Labor Day – 14
  2. Thanksgiving – 12
  3. Memorial Day – 11


Traffic Safety Mantras

  • Buckle up
  • Keep your distance
  • Drive sober, ride with sober friends
  • Focus on the road
  • No texting and driving
  • Be well-rested
  • Avoid aggressive driving behavior 

The above traffic safety tips are repeated often, for good reason. We haven’t been able to achieve Vision Zero — in any state. The tips are worth reiterating to help cultivate safe, attentive driving behaviors. We have a long journey ahead, and we’re here to support you, if you’re involved in a crash. Our top personal injury attorneys have been helping car crash victims for over three decades. We can help ease the stresses of litigation, which will help you focus on your recovery.