When A Drunk Driver Causes A Car Accident

Nov 6, 2019Personal Injury Lawyer Lynchburg VA0 comments

What happens if you are hit by a drunk driver?

Auto accidents are a stressful and straining situation that no one deserves, especially when the accident caused by a drunk driver. When a drunk driving accident occurs the drunk driver will be cited and arrested for their actions, from there they will have to face criminal charges carried out by the state of Virginia as well as a possible personal injury case from you or your family members. A personal injury case will help you take care of things that aren’t included in the criminal case such as medical treatment, property damages, future medical, pain and suffering, as well as lost wages.

Are Drunk Drivers Always at Fault?

Driving drunk is a crime, therefore any driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be criminally charged with a DUI. That does not mean that in the event of an accident the drunk driver is automatically held liable for possible damages to you. It does however greatly increase the likelihood that in the end they will be held liable. In most accidents the main issue is fault, this is what determines who is liable in the accident not drunk driving itself. 

Do insurance companies cover DUI Accidents?

Depending on the type of insurance the at fault driver has, it is most likely they cover DUI accidents. Liability insurance is the specific policy that would protect the at fault driver and keep them from being liable to pay for damages that occur to the other party. It is irresponsible to drink and drive and as a result liability insurance will not cover damages and medical bills for the at fault driver, it will in fact cover damages and medical bills for you. 

Do I need a lawyer if I was hit by a drunk driver?

When you are hit by a drunk driver the first thing you should do is seek medical attention for your injures and focus on caring for yourself. It is not necessary for you to hire an attorney for your personal injury case, but self representation does come with its own set of risks. When representing yourself it is hard to guarantee that you will be able to dedicate the time, effort and knowledge to properly taking care of your personal injury case. An attorney will be there for you to help you through the entire case by taking care of things such as dealing with insurance companies and making sure all the proper steps are taken to ensure you get the compensation that you deserve. With this help it will allow you to take care of yourself and your personal needs. 

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